A number of key concepts underpin the study of art, craft and design at KS3. Our pupils are given opportunities to explore and learn about these concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding. Our planning at KS3 integrates key concepts into teaching and learning. For example our students have increased opportunities to explore and develop their creative skills and learn new innovative ways of working. Our planning ensures that all students have a range of opportunities to address each of the key concepts of the NC levels throughout the key stage.
Our program of study builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils acquire at KS2. Pupils work in and across the areas of fine art, design and crafts. They develop their ability to work from ideas and issues, first-hand observation, experience, inspiration, imagination and other sources. They investigate, express and realise ideas using formal elements and a range of media. Pupils work with increasing independence and take some creative risks when exploring and experimenting with materials, techniques and processes.
Pupils learn to apply research and investigative skills appropriate to art, craft and design. They learn how to work collaboratively and to take on different roles in teams. They evaluate their own and others’ work, and inconsequence adapt and refine their own work. They study a range of artefacts from contemporary, historical, personal and cultural contexts. 

By the end of KS3 our aim is that pupils are:

Selecting visual, sensory and other information to help them explore and respond to ideas and are using this information when designing and making their work, taking account of purpose.

Able to investigate and manipulate materials and processes and to make images and artefacts that communicate their ideas.

Able to consider and discuss ideas, methods and approaches used by artists, craftspeople and designers, relating these to both context and purpose.

Able to evaluate their own work and that of others and will be able to reflect on their own view of its purpose and meaning.

  • Able to adapt and refine their ideas, intentions and processes.

  • In KS3 we cover a broad range of topics within projects. Students research and create work inspired by a range of cultures and art movements. we encourage students to build their contextual critical studies skills as well as exploring and experimenting with a range of media. We aim to encourage good communication skills verbally, written as well as visually.  

The projects covered throughout each year at KS3 aim to use a variety of Medias to build on the student’s skills base these include: