Maths 2
In Year 7, pupils are taught in tutor groups. Each tutor group has two lessons a week and homework is given to cover work from both lessons. In Years 8 and 9 the number of lessons increases to five in each fortnightly cycle. Homework is set from four of those five lessons. These year groups are also partially set by ability based on the previous end of year school exams. Both Year 8 and 9 are timetabled into bands which split the tutor groups and then further split into sets 1 and 2 for each of those bands. The end of year examinations for KS3 year groups lead to a graded result within that year group plus a national curriculum level. We aim to have as many pupils as possible at level 8 by the end of Year 9 in preparation for their GCSEs. The Connect books and resources are used in class.