Religious Studies

Religious Studies    
Religious Studies    
Religious Studies is taught by two specialists, Mr Sherwood-Farnfiled and Mrs Mahoney.     
The Religious Studies Department follows the locally agreed Kent syllabus, 50% of the curriculum focusses on Christianity as it has had a major role in shaping the culture of the UK. In additionj, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism have all played a significant role in helping to shape the culture of the nation and students will have an opportunity to explore these religious traditions. The Religious Studies Department is also proud to be able to offer philosophy for its students in Year 7 to help enhance critical thinking skills.     
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 Year Group  Terms 1 - 2  Terms 3 - 4   Terms 5 - 6  
Judaism Christianity (Origins)  Philosophy 
8 Hinduism Christianity (Churches)  Sikhism 
9 Christianity Islam Buddhism