ADMISSIONS - This exciting and personalised course is aimed at students that like practical work from model making to painting and photography. It is intended to suit the needs of pupils who have an interest and aptitude in Art as well as Design. The most artistically creative students achieve the highest results with work produced that is inspiringly individual. Students must have a verbal recommendation from their KS3 art teacher before they opt for GCSE Art.
SYLLABUS - AQA 8201 - Art, Craft and Design
COURSE - Students can develop their skills in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, digital photography, model making, architectural drawing, graphics and mixed media work. Drawing is an integral part of the beginning of projects then students can move on. Pupils intending to take GCSE Art should be highly motivated and enjoy working on their artwork in their own time. Each pupil is required to spend a minimum of one hour a week on project homework. Students will need to demonstrate a high degree of commitment and self-discipline combined with a good technical and creative ability. Along with practical work, a high level of theoretical and conceptual understanding is developed over the two years.
  • Record observations, experiences and ideas in in a variety of ways including drawing and photography.
  • Analyse and evaluate images reflecting on your own and others artwork to move forward.
  • Develop and explore ideas, experimenting with a range of art techniques to select and refine your work.
  • Make a personal response; a sustained piece of work that you have worked towards.
COMPONENT 1: Portfolio worth 60% of the GCSE. Students submit a portfolio comprising a sustained project and a selection of further work which represents their course of study.
COMPONENT 2: Externally set assignment worth 40% of the GCSE. Students respond to their chosen starting point from an externally set assignment paper relating to their chosen title
ASSESSMENT - The Art Department will continually assess the work throughout the course. This will in the main take the form of tutorials and written targets given on Moodle where appropriate. All work will be internally marked at the completion of units and externally moderated by a representative of AQA.
CAREERS - Art, A Level Art and A Level Photography are offered in the department. Beyond A Level, courses are available at both degree and higher BTEC levels in three of our local Art Colleges. These range from the Arts to courses in most areas of 2 and 3 dimensional designs and could lead to career opportunities in the fields of multi-media, film and television, photography, theatre, advertising, product and architectural design, fashion design and industrial design amongst others.