COURSE - This option offers candidates the chance to study and practise some of the skills used in the theatre. It requires a talent for acting, an interest in script writing and the ability to work well in a group. Although more practical than many GCSEs, it must not be regarded as an easy option. It requires a lot of dedication and extra curricular commitment, particularly in the lead up to a production.

The three elements that make up the course are as follows:
Component 1: A written examination, which tests students on their knowledge of drama and theatre, a studied set play and their ability to analyse a section of a professional performance (40% of the GCSE)
Component 2: A devised piece of drama, including a performance and a written devising log (40% of the GCSE)
Component 3: Performance of two scenes from the same play, selected by students (20% of the GCSE)
All candidates will be required to perform publicly as part of the course and I try to give as many opportunities for performance as possible. It is a course that I can say with confidence that students find both greatly enjoyable and rewarding, developing a huge wealth of skills and experiences that are very useful, even for those that decide not to pursue Drama any further than GCSE.