Financial Studies

Certificate/Diploma in Financial Studies (equivalent to AS/A2) Level 3
The courses in Financial Studies have been designed to enable individuals to be informed, confident and interested in meeting their lifestyle aspirations by applying the appropriate solution(s) from the wide range available within the evolving financial services market place. The subject is available at both AS and A2 levels. Opportunities with this qualification includes:

Higher education – university courses related to finance; or business.
Financial services – vocational areas including employment in banks, building societies, insurance companies and other financial providers.
CeFS Unit 1: AS
Financial Capability for Immediate and Short Term - Students will gain an appreciation of why money is important; attitudes to it; and how it can affect life choices. It is an introduction to the financial services industry and it will look at financial products for savings and the key features of interest and charges on borrowing.
CeFS Unit 2: AS
Financial Capability for Medium and Long Term – Students will gain the ability to plan and manage their financial needs in the medium and long-term, with particular reference to the importance of the need to budget for future aspirations and life events.
DipFS Unit 3: A2
Sustainability of individual’s Finances – This unit highlights the importance for the individual, to enable the development of skills to make sure that an individual‘s financial capability is sustained over a period of time, taking into consideration the personal and external factors that lead to change.
DipFS Unit 4: A2
Sustainability of the Financial Services System – This unit explores the financial services providers work and compete with one another, their priorities and responses to the external influences in maintaining financial sustainability. Students will gain an understanding of how financial service providers use marketing methods and segmentation, and approaches to attract, retain and satisfy their customers.
All units will be examined. Units 1, 2, 3, & 4 will be examined in two parts. Part A is a 35 mark multiple-choice element and will be completed online, worth 35%. Part B is a written paper based on a pre-released case study worth 65%.The pass mark for each component is 40%.