ADMISSIONS – AQA A level psychology is suitable for students who

  • have an interest in how the mind works; 
  • are interested in how people behave individually and in groups;
  • enjoy discussions and evaluation of key theoretical view points;
  • are interested in research methodology
  • have preferably achieved at least a grade 6 in their GCSE English, Mathematics and Science.

Students do not require any prior knowledge in psychology to take this course.

SPECIFICATION – Level 3 Advanced GCE in Psychology (7182)
COURSE DETAILS – This course helps students to gain an understanding of how and why we behave as individuals and within groups, as well as develop a good understanding of the research process.
Paper 1 topics: Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, Psychopathology.
Paper 2 topics: Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology, Research methods.
Paper 3 topics: Issues and debates in psychology, Gender, Schizophrenia, Forensic psychology
Research methods including inferential statistics (Embedded within questions)
ASSESSMENT – Topics will be assessed by three written examination papers each 2 hours in length. These papers consist of multiple choice questions, short answer questions designed to test key knowledge and longer essay style questions of 16 marks that aim to assess a student’s ability to critically evaluate a statement or theoretical perspective.
Within the course students will have opportunities to carry out research methodology practice, develop research skills, create and present data findings, study investigative research studies in the field of psychology and complete exam practice essays.
CAREERS – The knowledge and skills acquired in this course are very useful to a wide range of higher education courses. Students could choose to continue their studies focusing on psychology, or other social sciences such as sociology, criminology or any other further education course.
A wide range of career opportunities could include: Psychologists, Research, Social Work, Teaching, Civil Service, Probation Officers, Sport sector, Health psychologists, and elements can be applied to many other fields of employment.