ADMISSIONS - Students must have studied GCSE Spanish and preferably achieved grade 6 or better. 
COURSE DETAILS - This course continues to develop the four language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) which were practised at GCSE level. However, students at A-Level will relish the opportunity to express themselves more fluently in speech and writing as opposed to learning large chunks of language off by heart.
Students will study a Spanish film and a book in depth and will also look at a range of topics, relating to Spain, including Spanish regional differences, Spanish youth and monarchies and dictatorship in the Spanish speaking world.
The study of Grammar continues, although students will find that a large portion of the grammar required will already have been introduced at GCSE level. The key difference is that now students will want to use grammar to create new language to facilitate self-expression.

Paper 1 – Listening, reading and writing. Includes listening, reading and translation exercises. (50%)
Paper 2 – Writing. Two 300 word essays to write based on our chosen film and book. (20%)
Paper 3 – Speaking. A discussion of a topic we have studied this year as well as an individual research project, presented and discussed. (30%)
A trip to Malaga or Madrid is usually organised for October for years 12 and 13, allowing students invaluable access to the target language and culture. The trip will be launched in April/May and so ideally only those students certain to take Spanish in Year 12 should put their names forward.
CAREERS - Any career would be enhanced with a Modern Foreign Language. The following are examples where a language could be directly related to a career field:
Banking, accountancy, sales and marketing, law, translation and interpreting, teaching, food and drink, work with any international organisation, work with any company with international ties.