Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly

Sixth formers Abbie Guscott and Kieran Hurwood, made sure Holocaust Memorial Day was brought to the forefront of the school community this week with a presentation based on their experiences when they visited Auschwitz last November.  

Abbie and Kieran visited the concentration camp last year as part of a scheme called ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ run by the ‘Holocaust Educational Trust’. Abbie spoke movingly about the personal belongings that were confiscated from those who arrived at the camp, and how the Nazis attempted to ‘dehumanise’ those who were taken there. Kieran highlighted the need to be vigilant against the rise of anti-Semitism, and that we all had a shared ‘mission’ to ensure that we challenged it.  

In total, nearly 750 students from the school heard the two sixth formers speak about the visit. Mr Artingstoll, Assistant Head Teacher, praised the two students for their commitment and professionalism in preparing their talk.  


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Bus travel notice for 29 Jan

Message from Travelmasters....The three buses that leave from outside Borden will be leaving at 14:15 today as Borden closes at 14:00. For students that want to stay later, the normal buses will still be stopping at Borden when leaving from Bell Rd (the graveyard).

January Monthly Mathematics Competition

Here is January's edition of the Monthly Mathematics competition. The deadline for entry will be Thursday 31 January 2019 at 2pm. Please encourage your son to take part in the competition as it will help with their skills but also give them a chance of winning a £10 gift card.

Remember: 'The best way to learn maths is to practice maths!'


January Monthly Mathematics Competition


Monthly Maths 2019 01 January 1

Borden Carol Service

Borden Grammar School’s traditional carol service was, as always, a wonderful event. Holy Trinity Church is a splendid setting for the service, and the school would like to thank Rev Mike and Karen Resch for their warm hospitality. Music was provided by Borden Grammar School’s choir and internationally renowned opera singer Laure Meloy.  All this was brought together by the school’s dynamic head of music Miss Amelia Phillips.  The Christmas message was delivered by Curate Chris Penfold, who spoke about the significance of the birth of Jesus still being important today as it was 2000 years. Of course, the students of Borden were at the heart of the service, whether it was though their readings, performing or singing, so they too (as well as hugely supportive parents and carers) deserve a big thank you too.


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More photos from the evening at the Website Gallery.