Business of Enterprise winners!

Pictured here with Mr Lindo Lead Teacher for Business & Finance, well done to Year 9 students Zak Robinson, Luca Ascheri, Ifeoluwa Odesola, Logan Dootson, William Bassant and Justin Stephenson who won Best Oral Presentation in the Business of Enterprise Final at The Royal Bank of Scotland in London on Friday! 


Summer Uniform from 25th June

From Monday 25th June 'Summer Uniform' will apply as follows:

 *  Students have the option of not wearing their blazers at all - but should not forget to take their cards for the canteen
    out of their blazer pocket!

 *  Once in school a tie can be removed and top button undone - it is important that a student is identifiable as a Borden
     student on their journey to school

 *  If an unexpected cold snap returns, then blazers, not 'own jumpers' will be worn
 *  Some students may choose to continue to wear their blazer and tie and that is fine!

Well done to the boys!

ice cream


Well done to the boys that reached all their targets in Accelerated Reading Term 5!
Ice-cream vouchers, to be exchanged in the school canteen, were awarded to the following Cool Readers:

James Browning   7SRS
Woody Friday     7SRS

Lucas Robinson   7BF
Charlie Kitchingham 7BF
Finn Salt        7BF

Jacob Carter     7CL
Jude Frost       7CL
Andrew Pham      7CL
Ashley Sherlock  7CL

Harry Corby      7MC
Szymon Drozd     7MC
Matthew Harley   7MC

School open at 10.15am Wed 13 June

Please remember

School will start at 10.15 am tomorrow (Weds 13 June) but if pupils need to come to school before 10.15 am, they should report to the Library. Breakfast will not be served in the canteen that day. Please note that timings and arrangements for Year 11, 12 and 13 public examinations on 13 June are unaffected by these arrangements.



Maths Competition for June

Monthly Maths Competition. Deadline for entries 29 June 2018 2pm 'remember, the best way to revise maths is to do maths!'


Monthly Maths 2018 06 June